A Maiden Weeping

The Ninth Crispin Guest Medieval Noir

Maiden Weeping, A 1 (1)A Maiden Weeping 
Severn House (Hardcover), 1 August 2016, $29.99 
ISBN-13: 978-0727886217

Since becoming “The Tracker”, an investigator for hire in fourteenth century London, Crispin Guest has solved twelve years’ worth of murders. Yet when he finds himself trapped in circumstances outside his control, he must rely on the loyalty and cleverness of his wily young apprentice Jack Tucker to do the rescuing.

Crispin Guest awakens in a strange bed after a night of passion and finds a woman dead, murdered. Drunk, Crispin scarcely remembers the night before. Did he kill her? But when other young women turn up dead under similar circumstances, he knows there is a deadly stalker loose in London. Could it have to do with the mysterious Tears of the Virgin Mary kept under lock and key by a close-lipped widow, a relic that a rival family would kill to get their hands on?

With Crispin shackled and imprisoned by the immutable sheriffs, his apprentice Jack Tucker takes over the job of his master as the “Tracker,” and joins forces with a fresh young lawyer to solve the crime before Crispin hangs for murder.


“Westerson crafted a terrific story once again, full of twists and intrigue…Another masterful job. Highly recommended!” —Historical Novel Society

“There are plenty of mysteries set in the medieval era, but the Crispin Guest series sets itself apart from the crowd by its gritty, noirish atmosphere and the author’s writing style, straight out of Hammett and Chandler.” –Booklist

“Once again Guest’s past misdeeds actually help him in the present in a case that includes plenty of red herrings and an interesting look at medieval jurisprudence.”Kirkus Reviews

“A wonderful read, filled with delightful characters, and a story rather similar to a child’s dancing button toy, but with many more threads that start out separate, become much more intertwined as you go, and resolve themselves nicely in the end.”LJ Roberts, It’s Purely My Opinion

“Absolutely enthralled!” — Reading Reality

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