Booke Discussion Guide: The Deepest Grave

1) What do you think is the medieval view of zombies and vampires?
2) Crispin never suspected the surprise Philippa had for him. How do you think he should have reacted?
3) How much has Crispin changed from the first book to this one? Do you think that evolution was realistic?
4) Discuss the latest sheriffs.
5) Abbot William de Colchester didn’t always appreciate Crispin. Discuss his evolution.
6) Is Crispin doing the right thing about Christopher?
7) This time the relic is less than subtle. What does it mean?
8) How do you feel as a reader revisiting events from Crispin’s past (from prior books)?
9) What aspect of the book makes you feel that this is another place and time?
10) Did Jack and Isabel do the right thing at the end of the book?