Jeri’s Pets

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This is Murray. He was a half Maine Coon, which means he’s the size of a frozen turkey. But he was a lovable goof and my best office pal. And he was just as soft as he looks. He’s gone now and I miss his loud purring, his following me from room to room, his flopping on the floor on his back for belly rubs, his sleeping on my head like a raccoon hat.



This is George. The Ninja. He was half the size of Murray. He was a tuxedo cat and in the first picture, he is sleeping on my desk, a rare thing, along with a rarer glimpse into a corner of my office. (Damn that phone is old!) The second is George in a basket in the front window. It’s even funnier when Murray tried to fit in that basket. Our dear George is no longer with us, but we miss his antics of catching and releasing lizards in the house, of climbing up on things he shouldn’t, and of keeping me company in my office as I work. Rest in peace, old friend.






This is Harley. She’s a desert tortoise. Now before you get your knickers in a twist fretting over endangered species this and that, know that she came to us just out of the egg about 17 years ago from a friend who had a mating pair. These are domesticated, in other words, they are not allowed release into the wild. They have diseases they can carry to the wild tortoises and the wild ones have diseases these guys can get. You can’t sell them, either. You must give them away. And yes, she’s got a license.

I just took her out of her winter box to take this picture so the look on her face is saying, “What the hell are you doing?” The best pet, because late fall, she’s ready to hibernate, so in the box she goes into the closet until spring has sprung. No feeding, no cleaning up. Cool.

DSCN1913And outside we keep bees. “Keeping” bees is a relative term because they come and go as they please. But they’ve been hanging out in the hive we built for them after they trespassed on one of the birdhouses I had built outside and busted through the walls. Yes, we get their honey on occasion and it is a marvelous thing. Mostly we just leave them alone.