“Westerson continues to conjure up a suitably noirish setting as the backdrop for the exploits of her spiritually tortured medieval detective.” –Booklist

“Westerson’s tortured protagonist is never dull, and his newest adventure leads to a swift and satisfying conclusion.”–Kirkus Reviews

“This is a satisfying and fast-paced tale, complete with Westerson’s typical dry humor and thorough research.” —Historical Novel Society Review

“The Silence of Stones is a captivating, action-filled book with two mysteries solved from different sides, which also provides a lesson in honor. Westerson is one of those authors who is always a pleasure to read.” –LJ Roberts

“I felt that as Jack comes-of-age, so Crispin find a renewed emotional place to some degree. Brilliant! As always Westerson’s research and working knowledge of the era is impeccable.”Netgalley Librarian



“The Thomas segments are naturally more exciting, more the stuff of typical Tudor fiction, with hunting scenes, court turmoil, and the rise of Thomas Cromwell. But it is a tribute to Westerson’s narrative skill that Isabella’s sections are every bit as interesting, exploring in generally quieter ways Henry’s reformation changed the lives of all his subjects. It is a wonderful, utterly involving performance – very strongly recommended.” Historical Novel Society Review

“Westerson’s prose is lovely and full of vivid imagery…At it’s heart their story is an intimate tale of two people kept apart by circumstances largely beyond their control. It is a beautiful tale, poignant without melodrama.” –Renaissance Magazine

“Jeri Westerson is an original, and her “medieval noir” novels starring Crispin Guest, a disgraced knight turned investigator, are unique and fresh.  CUP OF BLOOD starts like a clap of thunder and expands to include the long-banished Knights Templar and other 14th-century skullduggery, and Crispin maintains his standing as one of today’s (and yesterday’s) most engaging private eyes. I loved it!” — Timothy Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty Bangkok thrillers and the Junior Bender mysteries
“Steeped in vivid historical detail, focused on a heroic protagonist and structured toward a shocking and shattering climax, “Cup of Blood” cements Westerson’s bona fides as a master of medieval murder.” — Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Historical-mystery lovers who have enjoyed following the exploits of hardboiled medieval detective Crispin Guest in the previous six installments in this series won’t want to miss this prequel that fills in some of his intriguing backstory. Just how reluctant sleuth and disgraced knight Guest met and teamed up with sidekick Jack Tucker is revealed in this suitably noirish tale. A corpse in a tavern leads to more than the Tracker has bargained for as he gets caught up in a convoluted investigation that involves the Knights Templars, the search for the Holy Grail, a string of murders, and a host of danger. Westerson paints a murky portrait of a medieval world suitably full of shadowy characters and unexpected twists and turns”.– Booklist

“Crispin Guest and Jack Tucker are the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of 14th century London, on their own grand adventures to right wrongs and maintain the knight’s code of chivalry and honor…” —Lesa Holstine, Librarian extraordinaire
“The complex, swift-moving plot unfolds against a realistically detailed atmosphere of 14th-century London…It would be hard to improve on this exceptional historical mystery.” — Sarah Johnson, Reading the Past blog

 “The author creates a provocative tale…one with an involved plot and an unexpected climax.”Historical Novel Society

“Jeri Westerson makes history alive in her matter of fact writing style. She makes it very hard to put one of her books down, and I often read them well past my bedtime.”– Paperback Swap



“Crispin Guest is our medieval James Bond. Bold, determined and oh-so-sexy, he has a knack for being in the wrong place at the right time. In this latest outing, he plays a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse through the lethal streets of London, hunting down a terrifying secret to save a woman from unholy death. Lively action and heart-stopping suspense, twisting plot turns and a compelling cast of characters easily make this one of Jeri Westerson’s best books yet!”C.W. Gortner, author of The Tudor Conspiracy

“Solid (storytelling)…close attention to period detail.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“A taut historical thriller.” –Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Inspired prose liberally laced with action.” –RT Book Reviews

“Westerson continues to provide unusual historical detail, offbeat characters and a well-integrated puzzle.” — Kirkus

Historical Novel Society

RT Reviews

King’s River Life

Richmond Times Dispatch

The Rap Sheet

Between the Book Covers



“Written with a keen knowledge of medieval history, “Blood Lance” is another riveting tale of honor and heroism, grounded in period detail, a wealth of action and the continued development of her characters. –Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Clever twists and convincing period detail make Westerson’s fifth 14th-century historical featuring disgraced knight Crispin Guest one of her best.” — Publishers Weekly

“Guest’s fifth adventure again provides a lively tale of historical interest smoothly combined with a worthy mystery.”  –Kirkus Review

“I was impressed with the storytelling, pleased by Westerson’s style, and eager to read more of the exploits of the Tracker. Recommended especially if you love the timeframe.” —Bookgasm

Podcast review on Shelf Discovery

Writers Who Kill


The Rap Sheet

Thinking About Books

Historical Novel Society–Editor’s Pick

RT Book Reviews

Kirkus: Ten Hot Crime Novels for Colder Days



“Jeri Westerson adds to the luster of her work about Medieval errant-knight Crispin Guest with her latest, Troubled Bones.  A creative and enthralling retelling of the Canterbury Tales, complete with a deftly-imagined Geoffrey Chaucer, Troubled Bones will delight Westerson’s many fans and bring in many more new ones. If you enjoy authentic Medieval history combined with modern suspense, this one’s for you.” –John Lescroart, bestselling author of the Dismas Hardy legal thriller series.

Top Pick! “This is a fantastic book you won’t want to put down.” –Romantic Times

“The Agatha Christie–like solution will please puzzle buffs, while series fans will welcome the author’s efforts to further flesh out the lead and his apprentice, Jack Tucker.” –Publishers Weekly

“A murderous spin on The Canterbury Tales.. a very readable combination of historical fact and mystery.” –Kirkus Review

“This is the fourth book in Westerson’s mystery series, but the first I have read. It will definitely not be the last . Westerson has created an attractive, intelligent protagonist in Crispin Guest and a delightful sidekick in Crispin’s apprentice Jack Tucker, a boy Crispin had rescued from the streets and taught to read and write. Her knowledge of medieval England is extensive, but it never feels as if she is lecturing the reader. Instead, she draws you into the world of her characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys medieval mysteries, and I look forward to meeting Crispin and Jack again.” — Historical Novel Society Review

“Troubled Bones succeeded in having me travel to another time and place through the masterful author, Jeri Westerson.” –Best Sellers’ World and the Council Bluff’s Daily Nonpareil


Shelf Awareness

RT Book Reviews

Book People

Lesa’s Book Critiques

Mysteries and Musings

Gumshoe Review

The Mystery Reader



* “Westerson skillfully lulls her sleuth and the reader into a sense of  ‘I know what is going on,’ then zings them with the truth. Absolutely first-class; highly recommended for fans of medieval mysteries.” –Library Journal, Starred Review

“The best yet in the series!” –Publisher’s Weekly

“If you haven’t already discovered this great medieval series, start here.” — The Globe and Mail

TOP PICK! ****1/2 “The writing is wonderful and the history vividly presented. Not to be missed by fans of real historical mysteries.” –Romantic Times Magazine, four and a half stars

“There’s no shortage of mysteries set in the medieval period, but since the era lasted about a thousand years, there’s always room for more. Especially when they’re this good: a solid plot and cast of characters, a feel for the story’s place and time, and an appealing noirish air. A welcome addition to the medieval-mystery landscape.” –Booklist

“First rate…an exceptionally satisfying series!” –Renaissance Magazine

“Westerson is masterful at bringing the Fourteenth Century alive…a page turner.”–Mysterical-e

“The story moves at an excellent pace, with lots of action, suspense, and great dialogue…If noir is your genre, this is a book to reach for.” –Historical Novel Review

“Westerson tells a chilling and sadly believable yarn and infuses “The Demon’s Parchment” with a wealth of medieval English history. And Crispin and his apprentice, 12-year-old Jack Tucker, are among the most courageous and compelling protagonists at work in fictional detection.” –Richmond Times Dispatch

“The Demon’s Parchment is so good it’s sinful. With an unerring eye to historical detail and an uncanny knack for making the distant past feel comfortably contemporary, Jeri Westerson has written a novel sure to please even the most demanding reader. Protagonist Crispin Guest is seductive as hell, and the writing is some of the best you’ll find anywhere. Buy this book or be damned!”
—William Kent Krueger, Anthony-Award winning author of
Vermillion Drift

“Westerson’s third novel is a compelling read. Her illustration of issues that still simmer today is nuanced and sensitive, her characters will surprise and delight you, and her elegant prose will lure you in from the start. With The Demon’s Parchment, Westerson is at the top of her game.” Libby Fisher Hellman, author of Doubleback.

Tudor Book Review

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“Appealing…Crispin’s derring-do is distinctly entertaining.” –Kirkus Review

“Readers who can’t get enough of medieval historicals will snap this one up.” –Library Journal

“Westerson’s noir-influenced historical mystery boasts a strong cast of characters and makes good use of period details, from broad background on England’s numerous wars with France to the particulars of daily life in fourteenth-century London. This makes an excellent choice for mystery and historical-fiction lovers.” –Booklist

“My favorite kind of historical novel–one that makes me feel I am there–sights, sounds, smells and all. Jeri Westerson has managed to create a complex character in Crispin, who nevertheless remains true to his time.” –Rhys Bowen, Author of the award-winning Molly Murphy and Royal Spyness mysteries

“(Serpent in the Thorns is) even more exciting than ‘Veil of Lies,’ the first in the series.”–Richmond Times-Dispatch

“This second outing for Guest is every bit as solidly plotted and historically deft as the first.” –The Globe and Mail

“Teens who like their hero with more devotion to justice and honor than to common sense, are going to love this novel. There are gripping scenes of escape, vivid descriptions of everyday life, and a mystery that keeps you guessing until the end.” –School Library Journal

“On one hand, it’s a work of historical fiction, playing on the usual medieval themes of pride and honor and written in such fabulous detail that you’ll almost be able to feel the chill in the air and smell the stench of the well-worn streets of the Shambles, where Crispin lives. On the other hand, though, it’s also a hard-boiled mystery, complete with some of the best elements of good pulp fiction: murder, corruption, a flawed hero, and a wayward woman. It’s a clever combination—and it makes for a wildly entertaining read.” –Nights and Weekends

Historical Novels

North County Times

GreenMan Review

Bird’s Eye View

Nights and Weekends




“Brimming with medieval atmosphere, blessed with an elaborate plot and interesting characters, Veil of Lies shows great promise. And Westerson displays the skill of a writer who has mastered her subject and has used that knowledge to create erudite entertainment.”
Richmond Times Dispatch

“A medieval Sam Spade, a tough guy who operates according to his own moral compass and observes with detached humor…this book is pure fun.”
The Boston Globe

“…One of the more interesting aspects of this authentic-feeling tale is the dichotomy between Crispin’s acceptance of his new, lowly status and his inability to even think of himself as anyone other than a knight who could never fall in love with a commoner, even as his feelings for his client grow stronger. This is a strong first novel by California journalist, Jeri Westerson, who is a frequent blogger and an ardent enthusiast of all things medieval.”
Mystery Scene Magazine

Veil of Lies is labeled a Medieval Noir and I have to say that it is truth in advertising at work. Westerson’s character Crispin Guest is the 1300’s equivalent of Mike Hammer and that is not praise I use lightly…Westerson combines a encyclopedic knowledge of the middle ages with an obvious love for the hard boiled genre and adds a classic mystery telling ability to create what is one of my favorite reads of the year. I look forward to more from this wonderful new talent.”
Crimespree Magazine

“Westerson takes the reader on a fine ride of a read, with her lone knight of the mean streets…The reader is likley to want more of this Crispin Guest. Much More.”
Mystery News (four quills)

A “promising debut…an entertaining read that makes the prospect of sequels welcome.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“…This first installment in a planned series, introducing a conflicted hero and delving into the grim lives of ordinary people in medieval times, will appeal to mystery and history fans alike.”
Kirkus Reviews

“…This authentically detailed medieval mystery has an intriguingly dark edge that will appeal to fans of both historical fiction and noir.”

* “…Brimming with historical detail and descriptions of life in 1383 London, Westerson’s mystery debut is a brilliant tale of survival in a hostile environment, where anything can lead to death. Fans of medieval mysteries will put this on their reserve list. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal (Starred Review)

Veil of Lies marks a spectacular debut! Westerson’s ‘medieval noir’ page-turner sports vigorous plotting, robust characters, and superb scholarship. An utterly beguiling alchemy of Canterbury and Connelly. The Crispin Guest series scores a bulls-eye on the first shot. The stuff of legend!”
—Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist and author of I Shall Not Want

“Jeri Westerson’s Veil of Lies is a great read, through and through. Her finely wrought portrait of gritty Medieval London is imbued with great wit and poignancy, establishing Crispin Guest as a knight to remember.”
—Cornelia Read, author of A Field of Darkness

“Westerson has full command of prose, plot and the historical detail of 14th Century London.” —Mystery Lovers Bookshop

*Editor’s Choice at The Historical Novel Society Review.

The Boston Globe

The Richmond Times Dispatch

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