Medieval Maps

Medieval London

Here is a link to another incredible London map from the 16th century.

And here is a splendid “film” on the development of the Palace at Westminster.

Below is a map of Crispin’s London.

Floorplan of Canterbury Cathedral used in Troubled Bones.

A wonderful video on the history of London through it’s roads and such.

This is the Shambles of York. Crispin lives on the Shambles in London, similar to this one. It was the place for butchering and selling meat. Couldn’t have smelled very good. See how the street almost closes in on itself,the buildings twisting toward the middle? It became very crowded in London and other large European cities at this time. People built upward before they stretched the boundaries of the town itself. Of course London eventually did grow outward as well, taking over farmland and plains. There were laws in place to try to protect the public and prevent encroachment on other people’s property. And, of course, the crown collected their fees and fines for all of it. But they tended to overbuild in the middle ages and paid for it with horrible fires in London, one reason straw roofs were outlawed there. I believe the new Globe Theatre in London is the only structure within the city to be allowed a thatched roof in many hundreds of years.

Below is a 17th century flyby over London. It’s essentially the same, except in the medieval era (roughly 500 AD to 1500 AD) there wouldn’t be glass windows for the most part in houses and shops, but wooden shutters. And churches didn’t yet have spires, but flat, square towers. But it does give a splendid overview of Crispin’s world.