Roses in the Tempest

RosesintheTempest_rgbROSES IN THE TEMPEST: A Tale of Tudor England
(paperback and ebook), April 2015, $13.99
ISBN-13: 978-1505895728
In 16th century England, Isabella Launder little realizes the twists and turns her life is about to take as she surrenders herself to a small nunnery in order to forget her unrequited love of the courtier Thomas Giffard. She must learn–along with her sisters in Christ–the true nature of faith and survival, withstanding passionate jealousies, intrigues, and the emerging threats to the Church itself as one by one the monasteries are dissolved. Inspired by the true lives of Isabella Launder and Thomas Giffard and set amid the onrushing storm of Henry VIII’s break with Rome, obsession opposes faith in this tale of a wealthy knight and the last prioress of Blackladies convent.

“It is a wonderful, utterly involving performance – very strongly recommended.”
–Historical Novel Society Review

“Westerson’s prose is lovely and full of vivid imagery…At it’s heart their story is an intimate tale of two people kept apart by circumstances largely beyond their control. It is a beautiful tale, poignant without melodrama.” –Renaissance Magazine

Roses in the Tempest is decidedly different fare from Jeri Westerson’s previous release,Cup of Blood, a fast-moving and suspenseful medieval mystery…However, while less action-oriented, it’s just as engaging, and the contrast in styles demonstrates her versatility as a writer.” –Reading The Past Blog 

“Roses (in the Tempest) is a brief, but beautifully-woven, tale that will surely appeal to history buffs and casual readers alike.”Manhattan Book Review









Video of part of my talk at the book launch.


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