Short Stories and Anthologies


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Dark Chamber” is a very clever, very good locked-room mystery with all the right elements.  It is also part of an extremely well-done series.  Enjoy.” — LJ Roberts, Reviewer

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Includes my short story “Noodle Girl.”

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Includes my story “Universal Donor.”

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Humorous short fiction. In 1968, two young Jewish girls plot to catch the prophet Elijah in the act of coming to their Seder.

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A stern father, an angry son, and many unspoken sentiments. Once Galen’s father’s funeral is over, what secrets will a tin box reveal?

Awarded 2nd Place Best Short Story by the Catholic Press Association.

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A young woman in 19th century Japan, a noodle girl, is forced by her family to make a difficult choice.

Day of the Destroyers front cover

Hardcover, Paperback, ebook

Serial anthology, including my short “Mesmer Maneuver”

DAY OF THE DESTROYERS: Jimmie Flint, Agent X-11 must save America

Written by pulp fictioneers Ron Fortier, Paul Bishop, Eric Fein, Adam Lance Garcia, Tommy Hancock, Gary Phillips (ed.) Aaron Shaps, Jeri Westerson & Moonstone’s EiC Joe Gentile

Introduction by pulp historian and award-winning author Robert Weinberg and cover by Fernando Ferreiro.

Based on a real historical event during the Roosevelt administration! Day of the Destroyers is an all-original linked prose anthology – each story is part of a larger arc wherein Jimmie Flint, Secret Agent X-11 of the Intelligence Service Command, battles to prevent the seditionist Medusa Council from engineering a bloody coup overthrowing FDR and our democracy. Agent X-11 fights across the country preventing an aerial assault on Chicago’s rail lines, destroying a secret factory of gas meant to enthrall millions in New Mexico, racing to stop a machine of fantastic destruction in Manhattan, and so much more. Guest starring pulp heroes the Green Lama, the Phantom Detective, and The Black Bat.


Ladies Night Cover (1)

 Co-edited by me, Kate Thornton and Naomi Hirahara

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When someone murders one of your flying reindeer, you’re supposed to do something about it.

So begins this whimsical Santa noir, LAST POLE ON THE LEFT. There’s a murder at the North Pole in Christmas Town and Santa investigates down the dirty snow-covered streets, encountering drunken penguins, closed-mouth reindeer, and a crime boss Walrus. It’s all in good fun to bolster your holiday spirit, but keep it away from the kiddies. This isn’t the Santa they’re looking for. But it just might be the Santa we need.