The Conjurer Chronicles


A paranormal steampunk series set in Victorian England with a Jewish/Gypsy Magician who truly can do magic…for a price. 

It’s 1891. Jack the Ripper appears to be on the loose again on the seamy streets of London. Someone is slashing women and stealing their organs. But a far more sinister plot is afoot than murder. Leopold Kaszmer, the Great Conjurer, is a magician of Jewish/Gyspsy ancestry, but he has more than one trick up his sleeve. Not only is he an accomplished magician but a clever sleuth as well. With the help of Raj, a tarot-reading automated man, and Eurynomos, a shrewd Jewish daemon, Leopold is on the case. Helping or hindering him is the beautiful Special Inspector Mingli Zhao. Is she truly from the secret depths of Scotland Yard or is she a heartless murderess? In a breakneck chase through London’s streets, or fighting hand-to-wand high in the skies inside a lethal airship, Leopold must destroy the Order of the Valkyrie to defeat their plan for world domination, unmask the girl, and rescue his daemon friend Eurynomos from the deadly Daemon Device…all before the curtain rises for the next magic show.


 Currently shopping for a publisher. Stay tuned!