Though Heaven Fall

Old London Press (paperback and ebook), October 2014, $13.99 ISBN-13: 978-1502466280
THOUGH HEAVEN FALL blends ageless themes of friendship and love into a quixotic tale of fantasy and faith. Set in thirteenth century England, Edric, a man crippled in body and soul, begs, steals, and sometimes plays a pipe to make a living. Against his better judgment, he saves the life of Azriel…a man who claims to be an Angel. But is this stranger a divine being or the escaped “Mad Monk” from a nearby monastery? The peasant woman who finds herself attracted to the acerbic Edric isn’t certain, nor is the morose knight in desperate search of secrets to the afterlife. A scheming monk seems to have all the answers…or does he? But circumstances cause the beggar, the monk, and the knight to collide in the same quest, some of whom would see Azriel permanently locked away and Edric hanged for murder.

 “Fully entertaining, it still poses questions that are just as relevant in the 21st century as in the 1200s.”Kings River Life Magazine

“The writing is brisk, clear and grips the reader from the outset, with a rich evolution of the plot at precisely the right pace. Westerson is at home with the genre and craft of writing. There is a welcome mixture of humor and substance to the dialogue that blends well with the mud and dust of the roads the characters walk. Suitable for all audiences down to pre-teens, especially for those who enjoy the lines between mortal and angel blurred.” Historical Novel Society Review

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