Traitor’s Codex

Crispin Guest, Tracker of London, is enjoying his ale in the Boar’s Tusk tavern – until a stranger leaves a mysterious wrapped bundle on his table, telling him, “You’ll know what to do.” Inside is an ancient leather-bound book written in an unrecognizable language. Accompanied by his apprentice, Jack Tucker, Crispin takes the unknown codex to a hidden rabbi, where they make a shocking discovery: it is the Gospel of Judas from the Holy Land, and its contents challenge the very doctrine of Christianity itself. Crispin is soon drawn into a deadly maze involving murder, living saints, and lethal henchmen. Why was he given the blasphemous book, and what should he do with it? A series of horrific events confirm his fears that there are powerful men who want it – and who will stop at nothing to see it destroyed.


“Grim, gritty, and utterly enthralling, Westerson’s gripping narrative pulls the reader deep into the dark underbelly of the Middle Ages.”BOOKLIST

“Brisk prose and well-drawn characters propel this nimble excursion into religious thriller territory.”PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“What a great book! I was attracted to the book by the description, but not sure I should start reading a series at book 11! Even though I’d not read any other books in the series, the author did an excellent job providing the reader with enough background information that it was very easy to pick up what the characters had experienced in prior books. The combination of a good mystery with actual historical characters and events, and thought-provoking context makes this book a winner! I was hooked from the start and read the book in one setting. This book has many interwoven story lines — from a mysterious delivery of the codex, to impostors, to a queen having passed away to a visit from a holy woman. The reader is present with the main characters as they interact with a not-so-nice bishop, the Duke of Lancaster, King Richard, and Julian of Norwich, to name a few! I did not want this book to end and will now go back and read the first 10 while anxiously awaiting release of number 12! I highly recommend this book!” NETGALLEY REVIEWER

“Fans of this long-running series will revel in the insights into their favorite characters’ lives while enjoying the historical background and a challenging mystery.”KIRKUS REVIEWS 

“Traitor’s Codex is a very good book. While there are several threads, each holds its own, and our attention without ever becoming confusing, yet coming together in a strong cloth.”LJ’s MYSTERY REVIEWS

“If you love a good mystery, with great characters and an unusual setting don’t miss this book, and this series!” —KINGS RIVER LIFE

“Assessing one’s own thoughts and actions is an indication of a well-rounded adult and Crispin has really learned a lot about himself throughout the novels, and in this one especially.” DISCOVERING DIAMONDS REVIEW


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