hanks for stopping by! I’m Jeri Westerson and I write medieval mysteries with an enigmatic, flawed, sexy, and very different protagonist. His name is Crispin Guest and he’s a disgraced knight turned detective on the mean streets of fourteenth century London. But there are also new series in the offing. Look for my new paranomal urban fantasy series here.

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The prequel CUP OF BLOOD on sale now

“Steeped in vivid historical detail, focused on a heroic protagonist and structured toward a shocking and shattering climax, “Cup of Blood” cements Westerson’s bona fides as a master of medieval murder.” –Richmond Times-Dispatch

“CUP OF BLOOD starts like a clap of thunder. Crispin maintains his standing as one of today’s (and yesterday’s) most engaging private eyes. I loved it!”                                        – Timothy Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty Bangkok thrillers & the Junior Bender mysteries 

“Crispin Guest and Jack Tucker are the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of 14th century London, on their own grand adventures to right wrongs and maintain the knight’s code of chivalry and honor… –Lesa’s Book Critique

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