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Authors in the Tent Interview with Jeri Westerson, sponsored by LitHub

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An Irregular Detective Mystery Series Book Trailer:


The King’s Fool Mysteries Series Book Trailer:

The Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Series Book Trailer:

The series book trailer for BOOKE OF THE HIDDEN:

The Enchanter Chronicles Series book trailer.

The series book trailer for my werewolf mysteries, Moonriser.

PODCAST INTERVIEW is up at The People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos, chatting about the mythos and other Yogsothery. Starts at 22:21 

Below, Jeri’s panel at the Cerritos Library, Jan. 29, 2011, along with Brett Battles, Robert Fate, John Lescroart and Gary Phillips.

An interview at the 2014 LA Times Festival of Books with King’s River Life online magazine:

Interviewed by Author Beth Worsdell, 2021.

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