The Crispin Guest Novels

“A nobleman is disgraced, stripped of his title and wealth. Reduced to poverty, he must eke out a living as a finder of stolen items and, occasionally, criminals. He’s a flawed character, too proud to accept the squalor he cannot escape, too romantic to overcome the wiles of women who use and abuse him, and too steeped in his own code of honor to avoid peril.”
—Criminal Element on BLOOD LANCE

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Veil of Lies  Serpent in the Thorns  The Demon's Parchment  Troubled Bones  Blood Lance
Shadow of the Alchemist  Cup of Blood  Silence of Stones  A Maiden Weeping  Season of Blood
The Deepest Grave  Traitors Codex  Sword of Shadows  Spiteful Bones  The Deadliest Sin



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