Oswald the Thief Medieval Caper

London, 1308“All I need is a Plan!” So says Oswald of Harlech, a misplaced Welshman in the heart of London. Besides his trade as a tinker, he also robs houses, cuts purses, plays a crooked shell game, and has a way with the ladies. But this time, caught in the act of robbing a house, he is blackmailed by the scheming Keeper of the King’s Wardrobe into stealing the Crown Jewels from the impenetrable Tower of London. Gathering his gang of friends—his half-wit companion who is uncannily adept at picking locks, his greedy landlord, a mad alchemist, a desperate but beautiful alehouse owner, and a man-of-few-words blacksmith—Oswald must steal the jewels, avoid the gallows, skirt some unscrupulous moneylenders, get the girl, and escape the sheriffs’ clutches, all with sly wit and good humor. It’s Ocean’s 11 in the Middle Ages!


“An enjoyable, humorous, and diverting read with an unexpected twist, and worthy of a sequel.” –HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY REVIEW on OSWALD THE THIEF
“Brilliant fun! Page turner deluxe! Engaging epic!” –King’s River Life Magazine
“Jeri Westerson’s writing style is one I’ve always enjoyed with sensory-laden description anchored in all of the medieval society… Excellent entertainment! This is definitely a top candidate for my top 2022 reads!”  –Amazon Review on OSWALD THE THIEF
“This is a rollicking good story, with a protagonist who is a lovable rogue, an interesting cast of secondary characters, a textbook villain, and lots of laughs along the way.”