Both In-Person and Online

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June 28, 2024 — American Library Association Convention in San Diego. LIBRARIANS!! I will be there signing FREE books at the Ingram Booth Number 2535-B. I’ll be signing both books in An Irregular Detective Mystery Series THE ISOLATED SEANCE and THE MUMMY OF MAYFAIR. 5:30 to 6pm while books last! San Diego Convention Center 111 Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Monday, July 1, 2024 — Ebook Giveaway on Library Thing. Keep watching this space for the link! A FREE ebook to be given away to 30 lucky random winners. All I ask is for you to please review! Check out as a place to keep track of your reading and to see what others are reading and think about various books. You can interact…or not. A more relaxed environment than GoodReads. 


Saturday, July 13, 2024, 2 pm Pacific Time — YouTube Book Party. Entertaining discussion, free giveaways. Link.

The Giveaways for the YouTube Launch: A Scarab Necklace/Pin combo/ a Ceramic Reproduction Horus Charm, like what would be found wrapped up with a real Mummy, a Purrlock Holmes Cat Pin, and two Genuine Penny Pieces from the 1890s/1900. And TWO SUPER SECRET GIVEAWAYS (not pictured for dramatic effect).


Friday, July 19, 2024, 1 pm to 2 pm Pacific — Whodunnit Book Club on Zoom! Link to come. I’m comparing Tudor England to Victorian London, things that are different and things that stay the same. Join me!


Sunday, July 21, 2024, Noon — Ticketed Event Lunch at a fantasy Scottish Manor! The Tam O’Shanter in Los Angeles (2980 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039) was built in the early 1920s in the Hollywood fantasy style of architecture. There were many such examples in Los Angeles of fancy restaurant architecture but they are rapidly disappearing. And yet, there are still examples of fantasy homes in Los Angeles done in this sort of style (See the Witch’s House in Beverly Hills!). If you’ve never been to the Tam, you are in for a treat. Famous for their prime rib and full bar. What could be cosier than to be situated in one of their ceiling-beamed rooms with its grand fireplaces (not lit in the summer, thank goodness!), upholstered wing-back chairs, wood wainscotting all around you, half-timbering, with Scottish touches in the decor. Very British Isles. And, of course, we are celebrating these two blokes who solve crimes with the help of Sherlock Holmes himself! Order what you want to eat or drink on the menu; prime rib, fish and chips, lovely salads or sandwiches. Everyone will receive fun free gifts, there will be a FREE raffle for more goodies…and a chance at a SECRET giveaway. Book talk and Q&A. Other books for sale and signing. Limited seating. You pre-order the book directly from me to reserve your spot. Paypal through “Friends and Family” $29 for the book only to YOU pay for your own meal once there. You can also pay by check made out to Jeri Westerson and sent to PO Box 799, Sun City, CA 92586

The Tam O’Shanter Giveaways: A Blue Scarab, a Sterling Silver Scarab Necklace Charm, a Ceramic Reproduction Egyptian Cat Charm like the ones found wrapped up with a Mummy, a Little Mummy its own with Sarcophagus, a Purrlock Holmes Cat Pin, and TWO Genuine Penny Pieces from the late 1890s/1900, and TWO SUPER SECRET GIVEAWAYS (not pictured for dramatic effect).

Wednesday, September 25, 2024, 1 to 3 pm — Sun City Library with a talk “The REAL History Behind The Mummy of Mayfair”. The British Museum is full of Egyptian artifacts, and the Victorians were so crazy about mummies and Egypt’s ancient treasures that they called the fad at the time “Egyptomania.” I’ll explore the many facets of interest in this time period and about the Victorians themselves, with a sidebar about Sherlock Holmes and writing a pastiche, including a Sherlock Holmes quiz. There will be a free raffle for attendees and books for sale. 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd, Menifee, CA 92586

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