Book Discussion Guide

Hello, Book Clubs. These pages are for you! A brief introduction to the story, some suggested questions you can use to get a discussion rolling, and a Q & A with me, the author.

And by the way, I would be delighted to be involved with your book club. I can join you by speaker phone, Skype, or in person (if you are in the southern California area). Contact me at JeriWesterson at gmail dot com.


In late 14th century England, Crispin Guest is a man adrift in a culture where position is rigidly defined. Once a knight, a member of the upper tiers of society, Crispin was convicted of treason and stripped of his rank and his honor for plotting against King Richard II. Having lost his patron, his friends, and his position at court, and with no trade to support him and no family willing to acknowledge him, Crispin has turned to the one thing he still has—his wits—to scrape a living on the mean streets of London.


Veil of Lies  Serpent in the Thorns  The Demon's Parchment  Troubled Bones  Blood Lance
Shadow of the Alchemist  Cup of Blood  Silence of Stones  A Maiden Weeping  Season of Blood
The Deepest Grave  Traitors Codex  Sword of Shadows  Spiteful Bones  The Deadliest Sin


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