Paranormal Series

Booke of the Hidden Series

A girl. A mysterious book. Misfit Wiccans. A Baphomet biker gang. And a handsome demon. What could possibly go wrong? A quirky-humorous yet edgy-romantic urban fantasy set in a small town in Maine. Click on the title to take you to the website.


It’s 1891, and Jack the Ripper seems to be lurking the streets of London once again. But for the Great Enchanter (as magician Leopold Kazsmer styles himself) the Ripper’s return augurs something worse. Kazsmer harbors a secret; the ability to summon daemons, and the manner of death of one victim—a  childhood friend of Kazsmer’s—suggests a daemon at work. When the Daemon Device threatens humanity, Leopold may need to sacrifice everything, including his very soul, to save London and his loved ones from daemon subjugation.